Meet Our Loris Team

Gloria, Office Manager

Gloria is originally from Maryland, but moved to South Carolina for the warm weather! She loves animals and is very happy working with them every day. After meeting Dr. Hardee, Gloria was driven to share his passion for animals and their owners. Gloria has 2 wonderful children, Mark and Lily, and 3 dogs. When not caring for animals at Meadowlawn, Gloria can be found spending time with her children, painting her fingernails with her very own designs, or creating works of art through her craft skills.

Jennifer, Head Nurse

Jennifer knew she had a love for animals growing up because she would always befriend strays that came around her house. Her dreams of becoming a veterinarian diminished as the school continued, and she discovered that math and science were not her greatest subjects. In 2007, she had the opportunity to work with animals at a shelter; not exactly the area of interest she preferred, but it was suitable for the time being. She worked there for two and half years until 2010 when she was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Hardee at Meadowlawn and has loved it ever since! Jennifer is married and has two beautiful children along with one 12-year-old Boxer and 2 kitties.

Anne, Animal Nurse

Anne has been a part of Meadowlawn since August 2014. She was born and raised on a farm in Aynor, SC surrounded by many animals, where if one was sick she would try to sneak it in at night through her bedroom window to make sure it was okay. Anne grew up barrel racing horses and has always shown a deep love for animals. She always knew she would find her way into the Veterinarian Medicine field. She loves caring for each and every one of your pets. Currently, she lives in Conway. When not caring for patients here at Meadowlawn, you can find Anne outside, on the river, or just enjoying quality time with her daughter Brailee and her fiancee Brandon. She has 3 dogs: 2 labs Wrena & Gade, and a cane corso named Nali.

Marquette, Client Services

Marquette was born and raised in South Carolina. She is a mother of 2 children that she abundantly adores. After working in the “human” medical field for 9 years, she decided to make a change to help four-legged babies. In her spare time, she enjoys being with family and traveling.

Alison, Animal Nurse

Alison is from Loris, SC. She attends Coastal Carolina University and plans to obtain her bachelor’s degree in biology next year. With this degree, she will go on to a nearby vet school and obtain her DVM. She has always known that she wanted to become a veterinarian. Strays who wandered up to her house have always been fixed up and taken care of. From a young age, she loved animals and playing doctor to the animals. Her favorite Christmas toys were those that were related to animals. She loves to read and spend time with her beloved cats and dogs.

Brandi,Client Services

Brandi moved to Loris in 2004 from the Florence, SC area where she was born and raised. She has always loved animals and has had pets of every kind over the years. Brandi is married and she and her husband (Chris) have a wonderful son, Matthew who is almost 13 years old. Brandi and her family love dogs. They have three dogs, Bayleigh, Roxy and Zeus who bring lots of joy into their lives. Since working at Meadowlawn, Brandi has really enjoyed coming to work every day and loving on all of the fur babies that come into the office. Brandi can be found enjoying the beach, boating with her family and shopping during her free time.