We pride ourselves on excellent pet healthcare and value our clients’ experience. See what others have to say about their experience with us:

We chose Meadowlawn Animal Services because of their reputation. We have five dogs and two cats that have been in Dr. Hardee’s care for ten years and they are all happy and healthy.

Chester and Brenda Hipp- Loris, SC

I was new to the area and spoke with neighbors and friends… Meadowlawn came highly recommended. I love this place- Dr. Hardee and his staff are the best! They are always friendly and well informed. I would never want to trust my beloved pets to anyone else. If you are looking for a veterinarian, go to Meadowlawn Animal Services!

Rhonda Hoffman- Loris, SC

We have been with Dr. Hardee for 6 years- we found him online before we moved to South Carolina. He treats all 3 of our dogs as if they were his own. If someone asked me if they should got to Meadowlawn Animal Services, I would tell them they wouldn’t regret their decision.

Linda Refling- Arynor, SC

My family and I cannot thank Dr. Hardee and his staff at Meadowlawn enough for the progress our chocolate lab Jane has made over the weeks. Close to a month ago, my husband and I noticed that Jane would not lie down and seemed to be in pain. That night was terrible, she paced the house whimpering and we knew something was wrong. She could no longer go up or down the steps and was in too much pain to sit. That afternoon we took her to Meadowlawn and the x-ray confirmed that she had terrible arthritis on her spine and it was causing severe nerve pain. We tried different medications that would work for a few days but the pain would return. We had serious discussions about putting her to sleep because we did not want her to suffer and I was heart-broken! Dr. Hardee changed her medicine to better manage the pain and help her rest and it worked! He called me the following morning to check on Jane and I told him she had improved. Since she was showing signs of improvement he prescribed her an additional drug and in 12 hours Jane was even better! As of today we have weaned her off almost all of her medicine! It amazes me to think that just a few weeks ago we thought we were going to lose her and today she is trotting around the house carrying toys. We have had Jane for 11 years, since she was a puppy, and in our eyes Dr. Hardee worked a miracle!

Brice and Bess Harry- Conway, SC

I sought out Meadowlawn in 1995- it was the closest veterinarian to my home. I wouldn’t trade my experience with them. We followed them when they moved to Loris to get the best vet and staff. They are always so helpful, considerate, and pleasant. Go to Meadowlawn- Dr. Hardee and staff are the best!  Dr. Smith has seen my pets as well. Everyone there helps keep me in touch with what services my pets need to keep them protected.

Anita Moran- Conway, SC

My dog Sadie, was having terrible skin issues and after being on Prednisone for quite some time without any changes I decided to take her to Meadowlawn.  After an exam with Dr. Hardee, he prescribed different medications for Sadie and she is so much better!  Her skin has healed up and no more scratching all the time.  I would say not to hesitate for a second to bring your pets in to Meadowlawn!  The doctor is wonderful and his crew are excellent! I’m so glad I brought my Sadie!

Roberta Castle- Conway, SC